Reviews and Testimonials

Planet Claire is a fabulous fashion adventure. Original designs but very wearable. Clothes and accessories you won’t see anywhere else. Be sure to visit the next time you are in Gastown.  Or check out the blog and catch one of the many amazing events or sales Claire comes up with. I only wish I lived closer so I could go more often!                        ~DJ S. (Winfield, BC)

Comfortable, original, stylish, ethical. Great knowledge and service from the proprietor! Pricing is beyond reasonable. ~M.Z. (Vancouver, BC)

Love Planet Claire! Great plus size clothes at a good price. It’s not often you can find plus size in the same store as regular sizes. I highly recommend everyone checking this store out. And the store dog is the sweetest too!!!        ~Stephanie G. (Vancouver, BC)

Although I only have been in the store once, I keep meaning to go back. I loved the selection of local and eco-designer clothing and accessories – it’s a mix of funky, vintage, and chic.
Price points vary too – you’ll find great items that fall within your uni student’s price range but also that dress or that bag that you scrounge your change for.  Speaking of, I better start saving my pennies so I can spend it at Planet Claire..                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~May B. (Vancouver, BC)

At last a retailer with a conscience!
Aside from the fabulous location, the originally designed shop, and the passionate staff, one is dazzled with a selection of beautiful, well crafted and ethically produced garments at a remarkably affordable price. Kim Cathers originals? YES. I was delighted to see her latest creations featuring recycled military fatigues. Most exciting.
~Nathalie Carriere, Chief Fashion Editor for a Cappella mag.a.zine (Vancouver, BC)

I love coming down to see what the latest is at Claire’s awesome store.  Theres always new people to meet, fun clothes to look at, and art to be inspired by.
You should really check this hot girl out and tell your friends!  It rocks!! and being in Gastown does too 😀 Please support local…it really makes a difference. I’ll take more pics and post next time I’m around…                                                                                                                                ~Wendy C. (Vancouver, BC)

Loved the Store!

Everything Original it makes shopping easy and fun, knowing your not gonna see your dress 10 times in a day. Love the local Business too – Claire, Your fantastic!!                                                                                                                             ~D.C. (New Westminster, BC)

My first ever groupon-type SocialLiving voucher was for Planet Claire and I’m really glad I’ve been introduced to this store. I found a few things I liked and the bamboo fabrics are so soft, plus the colours are vibrant. The women working the store (one of them being the owner, Claire) were great and also picked out some things they thought could work but time was limited so I’ll be back. Prices do vary but their sale prices were super good. If you can afford the full price you will get something unique, beautifully made, supporting sustainable fashion and independent small business. Pretty much a win win! ~Luisa D. (Vancouver, BC)

One of my very favorite stores ever! Great clothes,  and Claire does an excellent job at dressing you – she has a great eye and I’ve found many items here that I absolutely adore. Not to mention what her store stands for, I love that she’s all about sustainability and supports so many incredible local designers.    ~ Bianca (Langley, BC)

What a gem! Found the shop quite by accident last year while visiting from San Francisco. The shop owner was so refreshing and found me things I ended up loving that I wouldn’t have tried on, had she not recommended them.  It seemed like a shop right out of SF or LA, with that unmistakable westcoast vibe. And I made sure to come back when I visited just recently. Had the same great experience, and Claire even remembered me!  Highly recommend it.

~ Diane (San Francisco, CA)


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