Featured Pop-up Partner: Daub + Design

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Daub + Design is a Vancouver based textile design studio, focusing on hand-dyed, locally produced garments. All items are unique as a limited amount of fabric is dyed and each garment is constructed individually. “Daub” is defined as the act of applying coloring material crudely to a surface. We create fabrics which have an organic element to the structure of their design through various methods of surface design.

Principal Designer, Lexi Soukoreff, has recognized the severe havoc that the dye process can have on the environment. They choose dyes that do not require heavy chemicals as fixatives and limit the amount of dye used in each bath. “Exhausting” the dye bath is one of our principal practices. This means that there is very little dye left in the bath at disposal time and that the fibre is carrying nearly all of the dye. This is important to our process at Daub + Design because this ensures that less water is used in the rinsing process and far less dye goes back into the water system.

Come check out their collection of awesome leggings, underwear, and scarves @ “Love the One You’re With” Feb. 8th-14th!


~ by Planet Claire on February 7, 2013.

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