Pink Christmas at Planet Claire

Sunday, December 11th

112 East Hastings ~ACME Studios

4 ~ 9 pm

 Planet Claire will be having an xmas party on the afternoon into the eve of December 11th. We will be taking donations for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (, so bring along a donation of pink gloves, pink socks, pink scarf, or a pink toque and receive 15% off! And everyone receives a gift with purchase.

Cash and Paypal only, sorry, no debit or cc!

We will provide drinks, treats, and christmas cheer!

The easiest route may be to park in Chinatown, or take the skytrain to Stadium. Here’s a link to a map to the studio from Tinseltown: (it’s about a 5 min walk). Look for the doorman in the Acme Studios Shirt and remember, it’s a back alley entrance.

Join the Facebook Page for all the updates:

The ACME Studio Building (112 E. Hastings) currently houses the Labyrinth Artist Society which is an artist-run collective, and has recently founded the Labyrinth Gallery; a back-alley entrance curatorial space between Columbia and Main street. In coordination with the City’s mandate to develop the 100 block/south side Hastings a series of fundraiser art exhibits will be presented; creatively utilizing the building’s rear foyer, main, and descending stairwell, main floor foyer, ascending to the top floor.

ACME Studios houses 18 studios, 3 galleries (GAM, Remmington & Labyrinth), and over 40 artists, ranging from photographers, painters, sculptors, jewellery designers, textile artists, and musicians.


~ by Planet Claire on December 4, 2011.

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