Friday, September 9th, 6-10pm

ACME Studio Building, 112 E. Hastings

As part of the yearly SWARM event (think the DTES version of the culture crawl) Planet Claire will open the doors to it’s, until now, secret location! Showcasing one-of-a-kind jewellery by me!, Jola V Designs Handmade Recycled Leather Bags, Erinyes Knitwear Designs, Vintage Clothing, and your favourite local designers (Lilikoi, Kim Cathers, Elroy Apparel, Nicole Bridger, Diane Kennedy, Hawks Ave, and more!).

Keep in mind that even though this is close to the heart of the DTES, it is only two blocks from the old store location, completely safe, I walk there at night, alone, all the time. However, to make you feel extra secure, there will be a doorman who can direct you in and out of the back alley entrance, as well as there is a front entrance by way of one of the galleries. The easiest route may be to park in Chinatown, or take the skytrain to Stadium. Here’s a link to a map to the studio from Tinseltown: (it’s about a 5 min walk).

I will be serving complimentary champagne for my patrons, and there will be a cash bar upstairs. Make sure you check out what else is going on for SWARM too, with over 40 artists, 18 studios, and 3 galleries, ACME is a must-see stop for SWARM. Cash bar, music, dancing, cheese plates, etc!

The ACME Studio Building (112 E. Hastings) currently houses the Labyrinth Artist Society which is an artist-run collective, and has recently founded the Labyrinth Gallery; a back-alley entrance curatorial space between Columbia and Main street. In coordination with the City’s mandate to develop the 100 block/south side Hastings, a series of fundraiser art exhibits will be presented; creatively utilizing the building’s rear foyer, main, and descending stairwell, main floor foyer, ascending to the top floor. ACME Studios houses 18 studios, 3 galleries (GAM, Remmington & Labyrinth), and over 40 artists, ranging from photographers, painters, sculptors, jewellery designers, textile artists, and musicians.

Swarm began in 1999 as an event to mark the launch of Vancouver’s artist-run centre programming season, bringing together some of the city’s most vital and innovative contemporary art spaces to open their doors on a single frenetic evening. Swarm soon grew to a multi-night event, incorporating more and more of the city’s ephemeral artist-run initiatives: small DIY spaces, studios-turned-galleries, roaming public projects, artist collectives, hybrid projects, and more. These initiatives join PAARC member centres to present a diverse spectrum of artistrun culture — the integral and innovative core of the city’s vibrant art community.


~ by Planet Claire on August 19, 2011.

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