May’s Featured Designer ~ Bahmbu

BAHMBU is one of the three Vancouver-based lines carried at Planet Claire that is not made in Canada, something I have delved into in great detail here.  While it is my goal to remain as local as possible, I also feel the need to have something (in this economy) that is accessible and affordable – while still being sustainable.  It is hard for an independent business to compete with corporations like H&M (although there is some exciting news about this recently), especially as they have also been incorporating bamboo and other eco-fabrics into their fashions. BAHMBU takes serious measures to ensure their products are grown, harvested and handled in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. They own the factory in China where the bamboo is harvested and processed, and the workers are paid double what is considered a “fair wage” in China, something that companies like H&M and Walmart can NOT claim.

BAHMBU makes simple tees and lounge pants that you will want to live in.  Casual, comfortable and visually appealing; the lack of dyes means all the clothing is a very “pure” natural colour, and the bamboo makes for a very soft fabric.

The bamboo contained in all BAHMBU products is harvested in China free from the use of pesticides or fertilizers. The International Organic Crops Improvement Association (OCIA) certifies their raw bamboo materials and processes. OCIA has certified that the bamboo is organic under “wild crops” classification as well as organic under the “organic farms” classification.

There is no dyes or chemicals used, just the natural fibres, making the fabric hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to sensitive skin. You may have heard that while Bamboo is a very sustainable and renewable resource, the process of turning bamboo into a soft clothing fibre is bad for the environment. This was true 10 years ago, but these days bamboo is made using a closed-loop sytem, which recycles the water and solvents used.  It is roughly the same as how Modal and Lyocel is produced, which has been widely agreed upon in the environmental community as  eco-friendly.

The BAHMBU fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from natural organic bamboo, which is processed using a NON-POLLUTING and highly innovative process which is 100% recyclable. The bamboo is processed in a hermetic container where 100% of the chemicals used are trapped and contained – not released into the factory, environment or atmosphere. 73% of CS2’s are recycled and 26% are recycled into H2SO4, both of which are non-harmful chemicals and do not pollute any part of the environment.

The BAHMBU fiber supplier works closely with SGS laboratories, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company. Recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, they employ over 56,000 people and operate a network of more than 1,000 offices and more than 100 laboratories around the world. SGS are one of the most recognized and established certification laboratories worldwide.


~ by Planet Claire on May 2, 2011.

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