Dahlia Drive has arrived for Spring!

Dahlia Drive gathers discarded women’s slips, dresses and men’s shirts and reworks them with colour, images and textures to create one of a kind fashion for the unique individual.

Each found piece is considered on its own merit: type of fabric, pre-existing stains or tears, how it responds to dye. Depending on these qualities, the piece may be buried in the garden with rusty things to over-stain previous stains or patched with pieces of fabric to strengthen a tear. Then each piece is dyed and screen printed with an image of bones, plants, animals, grid textures and/or lace patterns to produce another layer of history to the garment.

Ultimately, Dahlia Drive creates a sculptural piece which is only fully realized on the body of its new owner.


Wendy Van Riesen is the sole designer and originator behind the Dahlia Drive brand- named after her neighbour Gordon’s dahlias which she used to dye her first creations; coincidently Dahlia Drive is also the name of the street Wendy lived on as a child. There is a great Urban Rush video you should check out that shows off a few of Wendy’s designs, and talks about her creative process, which is what (besides the absolute beauty of the pieces) makes her line truly a work of wearable art. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unRNs6pKuRQ

Wendy herself is an incredible individual, someone I am always inspired by every time we meet.  She will take a vintage slip, hand-dye it, silkscreen her own art onto it, bury it in her garden wrapped around an old gate to get the rust pattern imprinted onto it.  Her line is always evolving and she is never satisfied – always inventing new methods and styles.  Dahlia Drive has also just debuted on the runway for Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, and I have added those pics here in a li’l slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


~ by Planet Claire on April 19, 2011.

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