April’s Featured Designer ~ Simone’s Rose

The label:

Simone’s Rose is a womenswear label with contemporary styling and a bit of an edge. The label was born out of designer Michelle Maynard’s passion for her own brand of fashion and style with a conscience.

The mandate of Simone’s Rose is to affect change by supporting and implementing sustainable and
ecologically conscious business practices and projects internally, locally and across the globe. After all, it’s all about having style – both in the way we dress and the way we affect people and the world around us! The label uses organic and fair trade fabrics, quality vintage textiles & trims, as well as deadstock or large company overstocks to keep within the company’s mandate.

The combined use of organic and vintage textiles lends itself to a modern yet retro vibe. The designer’s aesthetic for clean and somewhat minimalist design, along with great attention to construction and detail is evident in the label’s collections.

Named after Michelle’s grandmother – Simone’s Rose represents the strength of Simone’s spirit and her
tenacity to get up in the morning when life was difficult to handle. Her strong spirit and kind heart will
always be a true inspiration for the designer.

Simone’s Rose is currently based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).


~ by Planet Claire on April 2, 2011.

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