January’s Featured Designer ~ Lilikoi

Lilikoi, Nelson BC

Planet Claire has carried Lilikoi since opening in 2008, and has since become  a well-loved staple.  The designs are always beautifully draped in luxuriously soft eco-fabrics, in styles flattering for real women size 2-22!

The Lilikoi line has a strong emphasis on hand printed cloth. Each print is an original drawing transferred to a silk screen for the purpose of production. The individual prints are used for a limited production run thus ensuring the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. The fabric is then hand printed in the Lilikoi studio. Each Lilikoi garment design has been hand drafted and hand graded in the studio by actual human hands! All cutting, printing, sewing, and design work is done by local employees who are well paid for their skill.

All Lilikoi clothing and accessories are made from 100% natural fabrics, most often hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and soy blends.

Hemp/Silk Kimono Blouse - available in cream and black, XS-XXL

The best-selling "Inga Tee", available in black, cherry, grey, teal and pink in XS-XXL

The Inga Tee somehow manages the impossible, and looks good on pretty much everyone that tries it on, from petite creatures to bodacious broads.  Oh and Lilikoi’s on sale all January, so hurry in and get your new favourite thing!


~ by Planet Claire on January 8, 2011.

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