::Die Constant & Pacificthorn custom live screen printed/mixed media tees::

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

::Die Constant & Pacificthorn custom live screen printed/mixed media tees::
In promotion of their spring/summer lines and Pacificthorn’s new line “Hyde”, Pacificthorn and Die Constant will be presenting a mixed media collaborative live printing show this Saturday, March 15th at Planet Claire in Gastown, from 1-6pm.

Bring down your own garments, shirts, slacks, hoodies, curtains, tapestries etc or choose from a selection of Planet Claire’s blank tees, dresses, tanks, hoodies, rain slicks, hip waders and so on…whereupon they will be printed, painted, airbrushed and otherwise corrupted to your liking.

Spiked punch will be served, life will be good and Planet Claire fashions will be 25-80% off!

Constant aka Die Constant is art/graphics embellished clothes. The main line is dye sublimated tees for men and women with new art from
international artists each season. Constant also creates “Loosies” which are one off pieces starting off as vintage or new and then getting a multitude of harassment from sewing, dying, screen printing, stencils, patches, embroidery and whatever else can be conjured up.

Launched in 2008, Pacificthorn exists as an umbrella line taking it’s individual names from the two trees which produce the best quality charcoal for gunpowder production, the line features a select number of limited edition /one of a kind shotgun distressed garments, ripped, sewn, tied, chemically distressed and altered into abstraction.

The name Pacifcthorn, (Pacific Willow / Blackthorn) embraces naturalism in the form of 1970’s woodsmanly’ sportsmanship in summation to nature and the root of British Columbia’s interior, recreation and heritage.

kidgloves.comHyde is an apparel solo project from Pacificthorn’s creative founder Neal E. Nolan; without parameters of definition the line exists unnaturally – incorporating loosely knit romantics, chemical distress, cuts n ’ties, applique, text, graphics, illustration, guilt, redemption, fever, and spite – within the framework of abounding general rumors of monkey worship, tax evasion, sodomy and false notions into an un-harmonic resolve.

Claire Lindsay Burke
212 Abbott Streetl Vancouver, BC Canada l V6B 2K8


~ by Planet Claire on May 12, 2010.

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