Fashionably Sustainable

Check this out! Planet Claire was featured on an amazing eco-innovator’s blog, and interviewed for his “eco-version” of the dragon’s den!  What an amazing guy, doing incredible work!

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Fashionably Sustainable

It seems the only real exposure most of us have to eco fashion is catching a glimpse on a tv show or niche web review. Typically in these situations a high profile designer fills the runway with models who are covered with anything from garbage bag dresses to recycled metal objects. It’s a lot of hype for clothing that no one would ever actually wear! And that was my only impression of eco clothing…until I found a store called Planet Claire.

Nestled in an artsy and historic district of downtown Vancouver, Planet Claire pulses with a cheeky vintage charm. The business is designed and maintained by Claire herself, although she’s accompanied every day by her teddy bear security recruit…a gentle SPCA rescue dog named Bukowski.

I was impressed with Claire’s inventory – all of which looked perfectly normal! She carries one-of-a-kind designs for men and women in a large range of sizes. Claire makes it a point to buy directly from local designers who must meet her standards of delivering both ethically produced and eco-friendly products. This seems to be a clear alternative for consumers who don’t want to support the sweat shop practices or heavy carbon footprint of large corporations.

The textiles used by Claire’s designers range from organic cotton, to hemp, tencel, silk, recycled material, and even seaweed! On top of this, the natural processing involved eliminates chemicals washing and cheap toxic dyes. I have a feeling my wife is going to love this shop!

At one point, I picked up a bag to have a closer look. When Claire mentioned it was designed with a solar energy panel to charge cell phones and personal electronics, I was blown away! Even the shoes in her inventory were made from recycled tire tread and belts! The overall level of creativity was incredible.

Claire Lindsay Burke is clearly a representative of the new generation entrepreneur. She’s focused on managing a combination of fair wage standards, recycled and eco-friendly product, and a very low overall carbon footprint. To reach a successful triple-bottom line, the only thing left to work on is profit. With a little help in spreading the word through some strong marketing campaigns and community support, I sincerely hope she’ll do it! This is exactly the kind of sustainable business we as consumers should support.

By the way, my daughters LOVED the Planet Claire clothes I bought them!


~ by Planet Claire on March 24, 2010.

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