January’s Featured Designer’s ~sweet soul, adhesif, flora & fauna (fall lines & spring previews)

Sweet Soul, Vancouver BC

My very favourite thing in the store - THE CAPE!

And here’s a teaser look into their Spring 2010 Line – think forest nymphs and country milk maidens…

Adhesif, Vancouver BC

The collection of dresses, jackets, skirts, and shirts is constructed out of vintage tweed combinations, felted wool, lambs wool, angora, and high quality reclaimed cashmere in monochromatic colours.
The Tawleed Bubble Dress comes in rich colours like red and honey mustard.
“Every piece in the collection is locally made and every pucker, pleat and gather is done by hand,” says Melissa, the designer behind Adhesif.

Sneak Peak at Spring 2010 – think  grace and whimsy…

Flora & Fauna, Vancouver BC

Pauline started working in the fashion industry in Toronto after studying Fashion Design at Ryerson University. Drawn by BC’s beautiful surroundings and the abundance of wildlife, Pauline moved to Vancouver where flora&fauna, the eco-fashion label flora&fauna was born.

Drawing inspiration from beauty in nature, the irresistible cuteness of animals, and the intricacy of the planet’s delicate eco-system, all of flora&fauna’s pieces reflect Pauline’s deep love for the natural beauty in our world. With a blend of clean lines, rich colours, and lasting style, flora&fauna incorporates nature and animal themes into each design, and is proud to support local animal welfare and nature conservation organizations.

All of flora&fauna’s pieces are locally, ethically, and sustainably made.

Sneak Peak at Spring 2010 – think moths and butterflies…


~ by Planet Claire on January 18, 2010.

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