Wish List & 30% Off!

Hello dear friends! You know how when you’re shopping for gifts you find tons of stuff you like for yourself, but know that you’re supposed to be looking for someone else? Well, I’ve devised a ♥Planet Claire Wish List♥ for all you generous people. When you’re in shopping for your mum, your brother, and your best friend, you can also make a little checklist for yourself, and I’ll complile a list with the item, the size, colour, and other pertinent details. You send your loved ones in, they’ll give me your name, and you know you’ll be getting something you love!


AND until December 24, anyone that brings in a donation for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter will get 30% off their entire purchase! Most needed donations are socks, underwear, toques, blankets, jackets, toiletries, and fun things like make-up can really make a women’s day. Go to http://www.dewc.ca/ for more info.


I know it’s cold out there, so untill December 24th I’ll be serving wine to appease you. The hours are 11-7 everyday except Sunday, which is 12-6; however, as the season progresses I may stay open later OR if it’s terribly slow I might duck out early. So give me a call (778.829.9275) if you’re thinking of paying me a visit ’round 6/7pm.


Lots of love to y’all! ♥Claire



~ by Planet Claire on December 14, 2009.

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