December’s Featured Designers ~kelly madden, black drop designs, bridet bergman~

Just in from Edmonton Alberta, Kelly Madden clothing is often decscribed as being classic with a bit of an edge. She tends to lean away from the over produced ‘trends’ while still being fresh and fashionable. Though a lot of her clothing might be bold and hard edged, she is also a romantic at heart, an influence which you will find in many of her pieces. Which ever side it might fall on, her clothing is always feminine in it’s fit and silhouette. Many of the pieces are one of a kind, made from vintage wools. She hand drafts and sews all of the garments she designs.

-Written by the lovely Jade Pellerin, Black Drop Designs, Vancouver, BC-

I’ve always appreciated photography. In the beginning working with film, I spent long hours in the darkroom… a lot of these hours spent in my bathroom with the window covered up to keep the light out.

Working in a talented and successful silversmith’s studio, I was fortunate enough to be able to learn about jewelry production, and also many aspects of running a business.

Eventually, I began displaying my photography in cast resin pendants, which allowed me to combine my interest in jewelry making and passion for photography to create something of my own.

My inspirations are nature and the city and the shapes and silhouettes that they create… how they are different but also similar, and my own ways to find peace and a space for myself within each.

I have been making my jewelry for two years. The pieces have a life of their own now, and they are traveling all over the world. I am very busy but I am happy and excited to have found a creative outlet that fulfills me and that other people can enjoy as well.

Each piece designed and handmade by me from start to finish.

These pieces have an extra image embedded in resin on top of the original image, making them look more three dimensional.

Hollywood Series From a beautiful Holly tree on Denman Island, BC, salvaged from Dora Drinkwater's property.

Dora Drinkwater ( was one of the first women to live “off the grid” on Denman Island in 1946. She was a much loved Denman Islander, who lived in the corner house next to the General Store for 50 years. Widowed in 1949, she worked hard to support her family, clerking in the stores, delivering the mail, taking in boarders and raising tomatoes for the commercial market.

She loved books and started a lending library, which has continued through the years and is known today as the Dora Drinkwater Library. In 2001, she left the Island for health reasons and passed away in May of 2004.

Just Arrived on December 7th…BRIDGET BERGMAN COATS! Dramatic collars and distinctive sillouettes make these coats a true must for every woman’s closet.  Evocative of Old Hollywood, these beauties are made from Canadian wool right here in Vancouver, are warm and lined in luxe black satin.  There are also her waterproof and wind resistant raincoats, made from technical sports fabric (& partially recycled materials), but in flattering feminine and funky cuts!  A model turned designer, this lovely lady is getting a lot of press these days, make sure to click the links at the end of this post!

"The Ruff" Canadian Wool Coat, made in Vancouver

"The Ruff" alternate view

"The Kimono" Canadian Wool Coat, made in Vancouver

"The Kimono" back view

"The Frontier" Canadian Wool Coat, made in Vancouver

"The Frontier" alternate view

"The Anorak" Waterproof raincoat made partially from recycled materials

"The Anorak" alternate view

"The Rose" Waterproof raincoat made partially from recycled materials

Links to articles on Bridget Bergman Designs:



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