Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for one of a kind gifts, or have someone in your life that has exquisite taste, and is terribly hard to shop for – look no further!  I have posted my top picks for gifts in 7 categories: Gifts under $20, Gifts under $50, Gifts under $100, Gifts $250 and up, Gifts for Him, Gifts for the Home, and Gifts for your host/hostess.  Shopping made easy, and ethical! Support local artists, designers, small business AND give a truly thoughtful gift.  Say no to the mall and YES to individuality!

1. Gifts under $20

Art Pendants & Earrings – $18

Handcrafted pendants & earrings made using wood with a decoupaged mini print of an original painting by Joan Theodore. All art pendants are signed on the back and finish with a silver jump ring, making your pendant ready to string onto your favorite cord or chain.

Feather Earrings by Kalos – $20

Megz Majewski Art Buttons -$2

2. Gifts $50 & under

*Garnish*  Wood Jewellery – $30 – $50

Recycled wood jewellery made from remnants and cutoffs from the furniture industry in Vancouver.

Hair Fleurs by MEGZ MEJEWSKI -$35

Fingerless Mittens made from Recycled Vintage Wool by ADHESIF -$50

Mini Top Hats made by Yours Truly! – $35

3. Gifts $100 & under

Cerelli & Co. Scarves – $68

Vancouver-made scarves in delicious blends of alpaca, organic cotton, merino, bamboo, & baby suri! Irresistibly soft scarves you’ll want to wear all year round!

Flapper Cap – $69

Gorgeous Merino Wool Hat with Feather and Vintage Jewel Detailing by Honey Love Designs in Vancouver.

“Panda Bear Top” by Flora & Fauna –&100

Organic Cotton & Bamboo Longsleeve (with thumb holes!) top, great for layering and keeping cosy! Made ethically  in Vancouver.

4. Luxury Gifts over $200

NOON Solar Panel Bags $ 300 – $500

All of the collections at Noon Solar are inspired by the need to rethink the way things are made, and what they are made with. Each material used is specially chosen for its longevity and ability to biodegrade. The other materials, such as the hardware and the solar panels can be reclaimed and reused for many generations of bags.

On the outside of each bag, there is a paper thin, flexible solar panel. This solar panelcharges a battery pack located inside the bag to supply power for your cell phone or iPod, day or night. Simply place the solar panel in the bag towards the sun to collect usable energy. Put it in your window at work, home, car, or on the train; face it towards the sun at a café; or walk/bike around town with the panel exposed. Even on cloudy or rainy days, energy is collected through the UV light of the sun. On a bright, sunny day the battery should be fully charged in 6-8 hours. On a cloudy day the battery will require a bit more time. The battery pack will hold the sun’s energy for several days.

Cocopunkz Hand-painted Shoes – $300-$350

Ada and Miranda like to paint.  They also like shoes.  So they paint on shoes.  Then they coat them.  So they’re waterproof, in case you’re wondering.  Once, they tried to sand a pair with sandpaper.  You know, just to see what would happen.  And the paint lasted fine with light sandpapering.

Custome size, style and art is available!

Hooded Raincoat – $250

Waterproof and wind resistant raincoat by Bridget Bergman Designs – I’ve been wearing one for the last 3 days and adore it! So warm and freaking beautiful!

5. Gifts for him

Cufflinks made from recycled wood – $80

Anna May Wong Long Sleeve Polo, made in Oakland, CA – $72

Re-Find Hats by NATE Organics

Hats are hot! Fedoras, Stingys and Be-bops that have been customized with vintage silk ties, making each one different and rather striking (you can even get a matching tee with the same silk tie tab!).

6. Gifts for the home

Original Art by Megz Majewski – Inspired by Planet Claire!    – $600

Delightfully dark limited edition prints by Vancouver artist Kelly Haigh – $200

RE-SURFACE Graffiti Lamps $ 150 – $400

Inspired by the city’s dilapidated building facades and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, transforms the multi-layered surfaces of urban decay into beautiful and unique interior designs.

7. Gifts for the host/ess

Cork Necklaces – $25

Lovingly made with natural whole cork grown in managed forests in Portugal and Spain. The bark is carefully harvested, once every nine years, in a centuries-old tradition with hand tools and without fertilizers or pesticides; a process that ensures the forests will remain undamaged!

Comes with 2mm nickel-plated brass ballchain (30″ adjusts easily to any size), industrial hardware and a science grade glass test tube that sits in a recycled wood block.

It is scientifically dropped into its very own test tube ready for you to ‘uncork’ it and enjoy its new life out of the test tube!

Headless Historical Figures – Marie Antoinette Paper doll – $20

A truly unique paper doll for enthusiasts, history buffs, costume buffs, or any one with a little darkness in their sense of humor!

Unconventional paper dolls where you can change their clothes, but not their tragic situation!   Other paperdolls include  Sylvia Plath, Madame Butterfly, Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett…all original artworks that can be used or framed!

Organic Cotton Tees by NATE Organics -$35-$45

Vancouver designer that uses manufacturers and raw fabric suppliers partnered in the Organic Trade Association and Organic Exchange. NATE ensures that all of their production partners meet strict guidelines of socially compliancy and have accredited certification. Because these production partners are all North American based NATE can be certain of the practices exercised by them, and are able to minimize their corporate carbon footprint and as a consequence the footprints of our supporters.

Affordable tees in a variety of colours and styles for both men and women.


~ by Planet Claire on November 21, 2009.

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  2. How would one order those fancy feather earings you have posted?

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