I have loved spats for eons, and I’ll think we will start to see a lot of them.  Be one of the first to be spotted in them!

What are Spats, you say?  Spats originated in the seventeenth century and were linen or canvas shoe coverings that fasten under the bottom of the shoe and button up the side. They were first designed to protect shoes and ankles from mud and water while walking. Spats were worn by men in militaries around the world, from France to Japan, but between 1910 and the mid-1930s, spats eventually became an elegant men’s fashion accessory, often associated with gangsters and dandies.

  • DC Comic villain The Joker has been seen sporting them in earlier interpretations
  • Michael Jackson wore them for Smooth Criminal
  • “Spats” Colombo (played by George Raft), the villain in Some Like It Hot, wore white spats.
  • In the film Benny and Joon, Johnny Depp wears spats as his character Sam.
  • In the classic Honeymooners Christmas episode, Ed Norton gives Ralph Kramden a pair of spats for Christmas.
  • Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s right-hand-man Riff Raff (hunchback) is known for his snazzy white spats.
  • Hillel Slovak wore them regularly while performing with his band The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The RHCP album cover for the Abbey Road EP depicts this as well.

Wool Spats by Fait Avec, exclusive to Planet Claire. These spats come in blue, black, ivory, grey lace, and plaid. They are a wool blend, so they keep your legs warm !

The spats are all lined for quality and cuteness, and come in a long and short version.

Brocade Spats, by Pond Hopper, exclusive to Planet Claire & one of a kind! Handmade in Alberta, Canada.

~ by Planet Claire on November 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “SPATS!”

  1. Love it!! Spats-tastic!

  2. Can they be purchased online for those of us not in Vancouver?

    • Yep, just tell me the size of your calf, in inches is best. The long ones come in xsmall to large, the shorties are one size, the brocade ones are one size. In long spats I have: Ivory, Black, Plaid, and Grey Lace, in the shorties I have Plaid and Olive-Grey, and the brocade spats I have as shown – the three styles. You can pay over the phone with visa, or with paypal.

  3. Fantastic Will do. And…if you’re looking for some fabulous handmade jewellery to sell in your store…check out DESIGN + CONQUER:

    D + C

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