Rise up – shake them lazy bones

I love fall.  Mostly for the clothes.  Terribly materialistic of me I know, but there’s so much structure and texture and layers…Not that i’m saying Summer’s over. Oh no. Such blasphemy would not leave my lips.  I expect weeks of long sunny days.  However, the fall fashion season is upon us, and I am getting new shipments weekly.  I’ve got lovely transitional pieces from summer-fall, nothing too heavy yet.   I haven’t yet figured out if I can upload pictures on this thing, so either go to my facebook group (Planet Claire Sustainable Fashion) OR check out some of the designer’s websites:

http://www.floraandfauna.ca/    Simple, soft, and wearable pieces in sustainable fabrics—and the spring/summer stuff is on sale!

http://www.hawksave.ca/  Hot and rock inspired clothing with a hint of First Nations art…in soft bamboo!

http://lilikoiclothing.com/eco_friendly_clothing_home.htm  Awesome, flattering pieces for every body!

I’m loving the new stuff, and I’ve got one of each size mostly, so come check it out! And the summer stuff is on sale for 70% off!

Oh and check out the next Georgia Straight, I’ll be featured on the cover!

XOXO Lovers!


~ by Planet Claire on August 31, 2009.

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