Hello world!

I am brand new to this land of blogs and twitts, I mean twittering.  If you could see me, I’m wearing my “Please be patient, I’m New Here” button.  I’ve invested so much damn energy into facebook since I opened in November, that I feel  like I have to back date everything that’s been going on!  Maybe I will some day, but who has the bloody time? Coles Notes Version: I am an independent clothing store located in the unparalleled area of Gastown in Vancouver, Canada.  I opened on November 15th 2008 (just in time for the recession, yay!) and I was always against blogs, ‘cuz i figure I’m a pretty strong personality (read: abrasive) and thought I might turn potential customers off with my colourful (read: offensive) language and/or grammatical faults.  However, apparently every business and their dog has one, and frankly, there’s so much going on here, that i can’t update my website as often as I’d like, and then the people that boycott facebook are left in the dark.  I just can’t bear to deprive anyone of my ground-breaking news flashes and charming anecdotes, so for better or worse, hello world, here I am!


~ by Planet Claire on August 4, 2009.

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