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I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of the shop, and of buying local and sustainable clothing. Since opening Planet Claire in 2008, my customers have loyally followed me in the many forms Planet Claire has taken; from the first location on Abbott St, then down a few blocks after the move to Powell St, and now in it’s third incarnation as an underground Pop-Up Shop. Since closing the physical store location in Gastown a few months ago, I have been hosting Pop-Up Shop/Studio Sales in my studio space in the ACME Studios Building (112 E Hastings), a large artist-run building which also houses the Labyrinth Gallery – in fact, Labyrinth has used the hallways, stairwells, and foyer of the building as the gallery space.  In order to get to my studio, you enter through the back alley, and wind your way through the gallery to my studio in the basement. You can see photos and more info here:    The Pop-Up Shops have taken on a life of their own; connecting customers with the designers that make the clothing; bringing people together to have a drink and interact with some pretty awesome and supportive people, and creating community. I’m still able to personally style and now bring in specific pieces for my smaller and very loyal client base. I’m still able to cater to all sizes of woman, and find them beautiful, flattering pieces in a signature style of their own.  It’s been thrilling to be a part of, and I hope to make these monthly events, combined with other related artistic alliances and partnerships, all of which directly support independent artists and local business.  Almost all of the designers featured in my shop are designed and manufactured here in Vancouver, and I also carry a large selection of vintage and pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories, which helps keep consumption of goods and resources down – and can score you some pretty sweet fashion statements at very affordable prices. Some new jewellery pieces are in the works as we speak, and we are always looking for new artists and designers to promote and carry. Planet Claire’s studio is at 112 East Hastings and is available for shopping by appointment and will  be “popping up” from time to time and hosting shopping events, which you can find out about by joining the facebook page, following this blog, or ask to join the mailing list! (just send me an email to Much love from me to you.  X Claire


First 11 purchases get a free giftbag on February 11th

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Because 11 is my favourite number, and it’s February 11th, and its a holiday (Happy “Family Day”)…the first 11 purchases at “Love the One You’re With” Pop-up Boutique will get a giftbag filled with goodies from Planet ClaireJordan River SoapworksDaub + Design, OPI, and more!!

We’ve got incredible pricing on clothing, as we are re-locating to Hornby Island and don’t want to pack it all up! Come down for some great deals and sweet gifts.


Featured Pop-up Partner: Daub + Design

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Daub + Design is a Vancouver based textile design studio, focusing on hand-dyed, locally produced garments. All items are unique as a limited amount of fabric is dyed and each garment is constructed individually. “Daub” is defined as the act of applying coloring material crudely to a surface. We create fabrics which have an organic element to the structure of their design through various methods of surface design.

Principal Designer, Lexi Soukoreff, has recognized the severe havoc that the dye process can have on the environment. They choose dyes that do not require heavy chemicals as fixatives and limit the amount of dye used in each bath. “Exhausting” the dye bath is one of our principal practices. This means that there is very little dye left in the bath at disposal time and that the fibre is carrying nearly all of the dye. This is important to our process at Daub + Design because this ensures that less water is used in the rinsing process and far less dye goes back into the water system.

Come check out their collection of awesome leggings, underwear, and scarves @ “Love the One You’re With” Feb. 8th-14th!

Featured pop-up partner: Love Medals

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We will be featuring Love Medals at our pop-up shop from Feb. 8th -14, a local Vancouver company founded by Emily Carr graduate Talia Tanaka.  She and her company is adorable, and they do cute things like award medals to french bulldogs! What’s not to love?


Watch the video to see why this dog deserves a medal, and find the story on their blog:


See you soon!



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love.web front-1

A pop-up boutique by two upstart women and their labours of love

{Planet Claire Sustainable Fashion & Jordan River Soapworks}

434 Columbia Street  (The Chinatown Experiment)

February 8th – 14th
Noon – 8pm (closing party on the 14th, open late)

Treat yourself – or a loved one – to locally made and sourced goods, from soap to clothing, jewellery and art. Each product featured at this Boutique Pop-up is created with love (and a lot of guts, and sometimes blood – it can be terribly gorey).

Cynics, pragmatists and those of unsentimental persuasion, hold your tongues. While Valentines Day seems to elicit shudders or involuntary tics in more people than not, take a moment to breathe…Forget the commercialism, whether you are in a relationship or not, and the societal pressures to prove your undying love with either tacky stuffed animals or extravagant gifts and meals. “Love The One You’re With” is a celebration of Love in all it’s forms; your best friend, your child, your penpal…your french bulldog.

~All purchases come with a complimentary Valentine to give to a loved one, and free wrapping for any gifts~

The week will end with a party on the 14th, from 6 pm ‘till late…with fresh pie from The Pie Shoppe, champagne, and strawberries.

Bring your loved one or come and meet a new one. Canines welcome.

Brought to you by:


Focused on sustainable and ethically produced fashion, Planet Claire carries clothing for both men and women (in sizes 2-22!), including local and international designers, vintage and consignment. You will also find unique jewellery, local visual art, and home decor.


Artisanal soap and body care products without artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, and additives. Products are made by hand and in small batches from ingredients like locally harvested seaweed, local beeswax, organic coconut oil, and organic shea butter.



We believe the power of love and its ability to bring people together should be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated…And so Love Medals were created, a quietly bold way to say “thank you”.

Love Medals was founded in 2008 by Emily Carr graduate Talia Tanaka, and has grown to include numerous distinct styles of pins, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and an array ofmedals.

Individually designed and hand-crafted in Vancouver, each piece is cast in gold, silver or bronze and only the highest quality materials are used to complement the metals used. Ethical Canadian diamonds and luxurious ribbons sourced from Japan accentuate many of the pieces and we proudly abstain from using animal-based products.


Original art prints by artists from neighbouring ACME Studio


The tiniest pie shop in Vancouver! Located on Gore St, right at the edge of Chinatown. The home of Panoramic Coffee Roasters and serves freshly roasted blends and delicious homemade pie.


Daub + Design is a Vancouver based textile design studio, focusing on hand-dyed, locally produced garments. All items are unique as a limited amount of fabric is dyed and each garment is constructed individually. “Daub” is defined as the act of applying coloring material crudely to a surface. We create fabrics which have an organic element to the structure of their design through various methods of surface design.

Pics from SOAP (+ secret) Pop Up Shop

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Hiya! Happy 2013! The Chinatown Experiment was fuuun! I met some lovely people, and am now best buds with the maker of my new favourite products; Jordan River Soapworks. We’re doing another in February, just the two of us…with perhaps a surprise guest!

More info on that later, but for now, some photos from last month…

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Thanks to Annik from Coalition Skin for her awesome window pilates!

Planet Claire at the SOAP (+ secret) pop up shop ~ Dec 15th – 20th

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SEEN IN VANCOUVER #362: What’s Up With The 400 Block Of Columbia In Chinatown?

columbia penderSo there’s this cool thing that’s been happening in chinatown lately. Right beside my studio building, on Columbia St, a row of shops have recently opened. There’s the sweethearts at  Duchess Vintage , The Shop,  (a motorcycle cafe/clothing/coffee/bike parts/cute puppy combo), Positive Negative Galleryrun by the darling Adam Lupton who’s art and shirt design you may remember from Planet Claire), AND this rotating pop-up shop venue.  It’s called The Chinatown Experiment, and is geared towards entrepreneurs who want to test out their ideas before committing to a retail space, or for collaborations between local artists and designers.

Anyone who has been to my studio (where my pop-up shop/studio sales usually take place) will recognize it as being literally a stone’s throw away. Even for me with my pathetic girly arm.  I’m pretty excited to be involved in the upcoming christmas pop-up shop. along with 5 other local businesses;  Jordan River Soapworks; Sabbatical Clothing (vintage tees, vests, jackets, leathers); Dakini Tidal Wilds (awesome seaweed-infused gifts!); Fawn V (Vintage Specs and Hats);  Shoo-Foo (Bamboo Bedding and Linens); and  Patch Planters (gifts for the green thumb without a backyard!). Each day of the five day event one business takes centre stage and is the featured partner. The other vendors take a backseat, but still have a presence and their wares available. Planet Claire’s Big Day is Monday, Dec 17th, but you will find me there from the 15th-20th as well.

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Hours are 12-7 everyday, and check the schedule for workshops from the vendors, and a complimentary pilates class (by donation) presented by our friends at Coalition Skin (hearts). Open late for the opening party on Saturday the 15th, expect door prizes and wine – my favourites!


Planet Claire at GATHER Pop-Up Shop July 27-29

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Where: 1 Cordova St (old Boneta Location) in Gastown

When: Friday, July 27 ~ 5-9pm; Saturday, July 28th ~ 10-8pm; Sunday, July 29 ~ 10-6pm

What: Planet Claire will be showcasing local and international designers (size 2-22!) as well as select vintage and consignment pieces in a full range of sizes. There will also be handmade jewellery, accessories, and casual menswear.  

I’ll be be posting a pic a day of a cute, local, unique, and sustainable item that Planet Claire will have there for you, as well as interviews with the other designers/vendors and workshop facilitators. Make sure to join the FB page if you haven’t already: And you can RSVP to the event here: 

Hope to see you there, drink in hand!

For more info on the other designers, a list of workshops available, and all sorts of other stuff about the GATHER event, check out their website!

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